By applying organic materials (compost) into the soil, you are re-creating nature's natural cycle. Adding compost as often as possible replenishes the nutrients your plants use.

  • Construction and maintenance
Snow Removal & Winter Services

We welcome the opportunity to quote on snow removal and any other winter services for your property.

Snow Removal
  • Truck with Plow - Hourly rate (prior site review and quote required before time of snowfall)
  • Man & Snow Blower – Hourly Rate
  • Man & Shovel – Hourly Rate
  • Man & Ice Melter Spreader – Hourly Rate + Cost of Ice Melter
  • 20 kg bags of environmentally friendly ice melter for your own application (call or email for pricing and delivery)
Winter Services

Holiday Lighting & Decor

At the time of holidays and entertaining, allow Swick's to dazzle your guests and neighbour's with an awe-inspiring lighting scheme. Installation and removal of your existing holiday decorations. Or we can purchase the materials for you!

Winter Storm Clean Up

Vancouver's warm days, cold nights, extreme temperature fluctuation and drying winds can wreak havoc with many of our commonly planted landscapes. Removal of dead foliage, pruning and supplemental mulching are all precautionary actions to help combat these adversities. Remember that the early, wet snows that fall can cause great damage to trees and shrubs. It is important to remove snow to prevent breakage.


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